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Middle of year calls for a fresh look at your financial strategies and check out our blogs

Upcoming Important Dates

June 15: 2nd Quarter Estimated Payments Due (Use CINDIE website page to find the links for both business and individual

Individual Review your tax planning for 2021

Business  Check your due date and state for annual report filing (Use CINDIE website page to find the links )



六月15号前 预交第二季度应付款 (可以用CINDIE网站页面找到链接


– 调整预扣税

– 安排税务咨询

– 重新平衡投资组合

– 跟踪您的纳税和退款(

公司检查到期日期 提交年度报告 (

Back-door Roth IRA / 走后门Roth退休账户

Income too high to qualify for Roth IRA? You can put some efforts to make it happen:

2-step Approach

  1. Put money in a traditional IRA account. You might already have an account, or you might need to open one and fund it.
  2. Convert your contribution to a Roth IRA. Your IRA administrator will give you the instructions and paperwork. If you don’t already have a Roth IRA, you’ll open a new account during the conversion process.

Tax Consequence

  1. Pay taxes for non-deductible IRA contribution. Only post-tax dollars go into Roth IRAs. So if you deducted your traditional IRA contributions and then decide to convert your traditional IRA to a backdoor Roth, you’ll need to give that tax deduction back. When it comes time to file your tax return, be prepared to pay income tax on the money you converted to a Roth. And see below for details on the pro-rata rule, which plays a big part in determining your tax bill.
  2. Pay taxes on the gains in your traditional IRA before the conversion. If the money in that traditional IRA has been sitting there awhile and there are investment gains, you’ll also owe tax on those gains at tax time.
  3. Pay no taxes after. The money in Roth grows tax-free

Tax Due at Conversion

  1. Zero tax dollar. No tax due if taxes are paid for all the converting amount
  2. Pro-rated tax dollar. When determining your tax bill on a conversion from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, the IRS is going to look at all of your traditional IRA accounts combined. And a word about timing: the IRS applies the pro-rata rule to your total IRA balance at year-end, not at the time of conversion.

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收入太高而无法获得罗斯 IRA 的资格?你可以付出一些努力来实现它:


第一步,将钱存入传统的 IRA 账户。您可能已经有一个帐户,或者您可能需要开设一个帐户并为其注资。
第二步,转换为Roth IRA。您的 IRA 投资公司将为您提供说明和文书工作。如果您还没有 Roth IRA,您将在转换过程中开设一个新帐户。


  1. 为没扣税的 IRA纳税。只有税后美元才能进入罗斯 IRA。因此,如果您扣除了您的传统 IRA 供款,然后决定将您的传统 IRA 转换为后门Roth,您将需要退还该税收减免。当需要提交纳税申报表时,请准备好为您转换为Roth的钱支付所得税。
  2. 对传统 IRA 的收益征税。如果传统 IRA 中的钱已经存在一段时间并且有投资收益,那么您还将在纳税时对这些收益征税。
  3. 以后不用交税。Roth的钱免税增长


  1. 零税。如果为所有转换金额缴纳税款,则无需缴纳税款
  2. 按比例计税。在确定从传统 IRA 转换为 Roth IRA 的税单时,IRS 将查看您所有的传统 IRA 账户的总和。还有关于时间点:IRS 将按比例规则应用于您在年底的 IRA 总余额,而不是在转换时。

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