IRS ONLINE Account 个人 IRS 在线账户

A lot of clients complained that they still haven’t received the 2020 tax refund. Here are some new channels to obtain updated info – IRS finally started the practice of a personal online account.

An IRS online account makes it easy for people to quickly get the tax planning info they need. With the same ease that taxpayers have when banking online or placing an online shopping order, they can log in and get the latest on their payment history, balance, and more.

Taxpayers can view information about their account including:

  • Their payoff amount, which is updated for the current day
  • The balance for each tax year for which they owe taxes
  • Their payment history
  • Key information from their most current tax return as originally filed
  • Payment plan details if they have one
  • Digital copies of select IRS notices
  • Their address on file

With an online account, taxpayers can also:

  • Make a same day payment
  • Set up an online payment plan
  • Access tax records and transcripts
  • Authorize another person to represent them before the IRS or view their tax records
  • Approve and electronically sign Power of Attorney and Tax Information Authorization requests from their tax professional

A taxpayer’s balance will update no more than once every 24 hours, usually overnight. Taxpayers should also allow one to three weeks for payments to show in the payment history.

很多客户抱怨他们仍然没有收到2020年的退税。 这里有一些获取更新信息的新渠道——国税局终于开始了个人网上账户的做法。国税局终于开始了个人网上账户的做法。

IRS 在线帐户使人们可以轻松快速地获得所需的税务规划信息。与纳税人在网上银行或在线购物订单时一样,他们可以登录并获取最新的付款历史、余额等信息。

纳税人可以查看有关其帐户的信息,包括:支付金额, 每个纳税年度的余额, 付款历史, 最初提交的最新纳税申报表中的关键信息, 付款计划详细信, 选择 IRS 通知的数字副本, 档案中的地址, 等等

通过在线账户,纳税人还可以:当天付款, 设置在线支付计划, 访问税务记录和成绩单, 授权其他人在 IRS 面前代表他们或查看他们的税务记录, 批准并以电子方式签署其税务专业人士的授权书和税务信息授权请求。

纳税人的余额每 24 小时更新一次,通常是一夜之间。纳税人还应允许一到三周的时间在付款历史记录中显示付款。

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