IRS Audit Red Flags 国税局审计警示

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  1. Not reporting all Taxable Income
  2. Higher Income /Making a lot of Money: Biden’s Build Back Better bill – high-wealth exam squad at work- 1040 related business returns – domestic and foreign. IRS says $400K income and below is safe though.
  3. High than average deductions, losses or credits: But if you have the proper documentation for your deduction, loss or credit, don’t be afraid to claim it.:
  4. Take Larger than average Charitable Deductions based on the income level
  5. Running a business on Schedule C: 100K or Cash-intensive
  6. Non-filers: $100K and above failed filing
  7. Claiming the American Opportunity Tax Credit on Form 8863
  8. Taking an Early Payout from an IRA or 401(k) Account without paying 10% penalty
  9. Change in Alimony Deductions
  10. Cash Transactions: Reports from other agencies or financial institutions
  11. Failing to Report a Foreign Bank Account: foreign accounts that combined total more than $10,000 at any time.  FinCEN Report 114 (FBAR) and Form 8938
  12. Claiming the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion


  1. Claiming rental losses
  2. Hobby vs Business
  3. Claiming 100% Business Use of a Vehicle on Form 4562: Be sure to have 2nd car for personal use.
  4. Claiming Day-Trading Losses on Schedule C
  5. Operating a Marijuana Business
  6. Taking the Research & Development Credit
  7. Failing Report Certain Professional Earnings as Self-Employment Income: Not an investor


  1. 不报告所有应税收入
  2. 更高的收入/赚很多钱:拜登的 Build Back Better 法案 – 工作中的高收入考试小组 – 1040 相关业务回报 – 国内和国外。美国国税局表示 40 万美元及以下的收入是安全的。
  3. 高于平均水平的扣除额、损失或抵免额:但如果您有适当的扣除额、损失或抵免额证明文件,请不要害怕提出索赔。:
  4. 根据收入水平采取高于平均水平的慈善扣除
  5. 按附表 C 开展业务:100K 或现金密集型
  6. 非申报者:10 万美元及以上的申报失败
  7. 在 8863 表格上申请美国机会税收抵免
  8. 从 IRA 或 401(k) 账户中提早支付而无需支付 10% 的罚款
  9. 赡养费扣除的变化
  10. 现金交易:来自其他机构或金融机构的报告
  11. 未能报告外国银行账户:任何时候合计总额超过 10,000 美元的外国账户。 FinCEN 报告 114 (FBAR) 和表格 8938
  12. 申请外国收入豁免


  1. 索赔租金损失
  2. 爱好与商业
  3. 在 4562 表上声明车辆的 100% 商业用途:确保拥有第二辆车供个人使用。
  4. 根据附表 C 索赔日内交易损失
  5. 经营大麻业务
  6. 获得研发信用
  7. 未能将某些专业收入报告为自雇收入:不是投资者

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