• Introduction to China business requirements
  • Feasibility studies for establishing Representative Office (RO), Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE) and Joint Venture (JV);
  • Preparation of required documents for application;
  • Acquisition of various government approvals;
  • Management of business registration procedures with local authorities;
  • Renewal of business license;
  • Preparation and administration of payroll in compliance with local reporting requirements;
  • Record keeping payments, preparation and filing of statements in relation tosocial security and retirement scheme requirements

By entering World Trade Organization (WTO), the demand of professional advisory services in China is increasing dramatically, it provides us a huge number of opportunities. With extensive experience in local languages, cultural and business practices, we set up our office in Shanghai and our professional team possesses skills and knowledge to provide the following services in Establishing China Operations

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Tax Advisory
  • Corporate Finance
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Advisory
  • Recruitment
  • Trademark/Patent Registration
  • Others

Accounting and Auditing

  • Implementation of accounting systems;
  • Maintenance of accounting books and records;
  • Preparation of annual and periodic accounts and financial reports;
  • Preparation of consolidated accounts;
  • Consultation on accounting methods as practiced in China; and
  • Retraining on International Accounting Standards and computerized accounting systems for Mainland-based clients.

Tax Advisory

  • China tax compliance services;
  • China tax consultations;
  • China tax planning; and
  • Advising on the latest changes in taxation laws, rules, regulations and practices.

Corporate Finance

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Advisory


  • Drafting and posting of recruitment advertisement;
  • Screening and interviewing candidates; and
  • Recommendation of qualified candidate.
  • Trademark/Patent Registration


  • Management of cross-border businesses.

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