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Subjects: CINDIE Client Annual Tax Season Preparation Seminar

Time: 1:30pm – 2:30pmon  1/19/2022

Location: Suite 106, 200 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway NJ 08854

Contact: Cindie LLC, CPA  (732)667-3270

Qualification: Seats are limited.  Maximum 15 people each session.

 Online Registration:

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What is the Cindie PE Club?

The Club is a monthly gathering where the members hold open discussions on important business matters and building bridges among the club members. Each member will discuss resources on funding or building a new business venture. Cindie CPA firm will provide 10 minutes of knowledge introduction.

Potential Subjects: 

  • Franchise Opportunities
    • How to determine if you are suitable for the franchise business
  • Venture Investment
    • Connect entrepreneurs and investors
  • Equity Market Investment
    • Connect traders and investors
  • Asset Protection in the U.S. for Chinese Investors
    • What you can do to protect assets from creditors
  • Commercial Real Estate Pros and Cons
    • Discuss the risks and benefits of small commercial real estate investment
  • Residential Real Estate Investment Profitability
    • How to decide the true value of residential real estate investment
  • Tax issues in China and US for Chinese Company investing in US
    • Sharing experiences in navigating complicated tax reporting and liabilities situations
  • Online Commerce
    • How to set up one and take advantage of Aamazon’s new policy
  • Import and Export Opportunities
    • Connect suppliers and wholesalers