We are a CPA and consulting firm with over twenty years of working experiences. We are in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We open a new office in Florida in 2022.

We have a philosophy: serving client professionally with all we have.

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Our more-than-20-years of experience covers public and private accounting, tax, investment, risk management and corporate finance.  We had experience in leading teams of professionals executed numerous billion dollar projects in achieving millions of incremental profits working in American Express’s corporate strategy, Citigroup’s risk management  and Wyndham’s global finance. We also have experience in providing accounting, risk, corporate strategy and tax services to public to private, local to international corporations in manufacturing, medical, retails, transportation, real estate, leisure travel and banking industries. We also had experiences in managing $5 billion dollar investment strategy for the municipal bond portfolio and low income housing investments. We had experience in leading and participating the integration of dozen of new acquisitions of Citigroup and Wyndham. We had experience of being responsible and managing the annual generation of $450 million free cash flow from 15 companies worldwide. We have profound experience in managing the profitability of business small or big operations, customer acquisition and management.

We now serve primarily small to middle size companies and individuals as their personalized “CFO” and tax experts, and compliance matters.


Cindy Yu,  Author, MBA  MS,  CPA, CFP,  Adjunct Professor with Fairleigh Dickson University, founder and partner of the firm with over 20 years of valuable experience assisting individuals and  small to  S&P 500  businesses with their auditing, financial, tax, risk and cash flow needs.  

Ms. Yu received a M.S. in accounting from University of Delaware and M.B.A from Regis University. Ms. Yu is a NJ licensed CPA since 1995 and a Certified Financial Planner by the CFP board. She also earned various professional designations and licenses in computer science, management accounting, investment and insurance.

Since 2002, as a founder and volunteer of 501(c) organization PCE Club, she devoted time and fund to parents and children education and earned Presidential Volunteer Award 3 years in a row. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children. Her favorite leisure activities are reading and writing, gym, Zumba and gardening.

Donna Campanaro, CPA, is partnering with Cindie LLC. She is a NJ licensed CPA and a member of NJCPA. Her B.A. degree was earned at Johnson & Wales University in 1988. She’s an experienced professional with integrity and care for her clients.

Her favorite hobbies include skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, and reading.

Advisory IPO and Compliance Partner – Solon Wang, MBA, MSA, CPA , MOUS with over 30 years of valuable professional experience in bio-tech/biopharma, online travel, and manufacturing industries across US, China and Canada, assisting businesses with their merge and acquisition, financial, audit, taxation and other operational needs. Mr. Solon Wang graduated from University of Science and Technology of China, received his M.S. in accounting from Seton Hall University and M.B.A from Laurentian University. Mr. Wang is an Ontario Charted Professional Accountants of Canada since 2005 and NJ licensed CPA since 2013.

Financial Planning and Affiliated Advisory Partner – Steven Zhang, PhD in Economics. Mr. Zhang been employed by a well-known Wall Street fund company with twenty years of rich investment and capital market experience. His specialized in retirement plan and retirement products, estate plan execution and related products. He’s a lecturer and initiator of “North American Finance and Business Lecture” on YouTube.

Professional Staffs

Brandon Lin, Staff Accountant, is also the office manager for the Firm.  He’s been with the firm since 2017. He’s an experienced bookkeeper and tax preparer.

Gefei Wang, Staff Accountant, has been with the firm since 2020. He’s an experienced bookkeeper and tax preparer.

Kate Ni, CPA, has just jointed us in late 2022, a great new additional to the team!