Refund, Payment and Filing Requirements

How to Find My Refund

If you would like to know when you will be receiving your tax refund from federal and state, this is the place to check.

Where to Find My Tax Returns

Get your Tax Transcript online from IRS 

Where to Pay Estimated Tax

CINDIE Note: Please prepay all taxes by changing your w-4 or paying 1040-ES for the current year. Before 04/15 we file extensions automatically, to avoid 22.5% late file penalties. After 04/16, 0.5%/month late pay penalty
and 0.25%/month interest. IRS requires receipts and proof of payment for all income and expenses

Tax Filing Requirements

Filing requirements for most taxpayers starting from $10,400.  Click here for more info.

Business State Annual Report Payment

You need your state filing number and filing date ready for file and pay the annual fees or franchise taxes to the state: 

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