LLC to S-corp.

Many LLC business owners choose to convert the LLC to S-corp tax filing status.


A major reason for choosing S corp. taxation is to save money on self-employment taxes.

If an LLC is taxed like a sole proprietorship or partnership, owners are self-employed, and they pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on all business profits, up to federal limits. If an LLC is taxed as an S corp., the owners can be company employees. They must pay themselves a reasonable salary for the kind of work they do. They’ll pay Medicare and Social Security taxes on that salary, but not on any additional company profits. Owners of an S corp. may be able to put more money in tax-deferred retirement accounts than they could otherwise. But switching to an S corp. can also mean additional paperwork and expense, especially if you don’t already have other employees.

You’ll need to run payroll, you may have to enroll in state workers’ compensation and unemployment programs, and you may have additional tax forms to file.


To make an LLC to S corp. election with the IRS, you need to file form 2553 Election by a Small Business Corporation. The form must be signed by shareholders and an officer of the company.

If you want your election to be effective for the entire tax year, it should be filed:

  • By March 15 of the year you want the election to take effect.
  • Any time during the prior tax year.
  • Within two months and 15 days of the date the business begins its first tax year for newly formed LLCs
  • With State where LLC is formed for the election as well.

Where to Start?

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如果对有限责任公司像独资企业或合伙企业一样征税,则业主是自雇人士,他们要为所有商业利润缴纳社会保障税和医疗保险税,最高联邦限额。如果将有限责任公司作为S公司征税,则所有者可以是公司雇员。他们必须为自己从事的工作支付合理的薪水。他们将按该薪水缴纳Medicare和社会保障税,但不支付任何其他公司利润。 S公司的所有者。或许可以将更多的钱存入延税的退休帐户中。但改用S公司。也可能意味着额外的文书工作和费用,尤其是在您还没有其他员工的情况下。


怎么做?把LLC变成S corp。如果您要通过IRS选举,则需要提交小型企业公司的2553选举表格。该表格必须由股东和公司高管签署。



从哪儿开始?请通过http://www.cindiellc.com与Cindie LLC联系。

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